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Youth Sports to Pro Arenas The Man Behind The Voice

1984: Ronald Reagan was the President; the LA Raiders win the Super Bowl; Van Halen drops the album named for the same year; and in 1984, Steve Eicher enters the halls of Mira Mesa High School. Tall, athletic and outgoing, Steve was drawn to sports, playing on MMHS Varsity football and JV baseball teams.

Later he applied the same values and skills he learned as a team member on the MMHS sports teams to his professional baseball career. Steve accredits much of his work ethic, values and success to his Mom and Dad along with several teachers at MMHS and especially to former principal, Jim Vlassis.

Steve Eicher Productions public address sports announcer
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Mr. Vlassis bestowed strong values upon his students and made a strong impact upon Eicher’s life. He recalls Mr. Vlassis would often say, “Whatever you put into it, you will get out of it!” Vlassis cultivated mental toughness, discipline and encouraged a positive attitude with his students. “Mr. V was our school hero who has left a legacy of leadership at Mira Mesa High School. He was and will always be an integral part of my life,” says Eicher.

Baseball has always been Eicher’s sole passion. At a young age he was drawn to the excitement of the game… the lights, the echo of the live announcements and the thunder of cheers throughout the stadium. There was no doubt in his mind at the time, Eicher was going to pursue his dream to play professional baseball. Two years after graduating MMHS, he was drafted by the Houston Astros Scouting Team.

After a brief professional baseball career, Eicher launched his own business, formerly Unique Mobile Sounds and now known as Steve Eicher Productions, using his production expertise and radio voice as a Master of Ceremonies for private, corporate and community events in San Diego and Riverside Counties. By 2000, his event and announcement career had expanded to his love for sports where he serves as the Public Address Announcer for little league, high school, college and some professional sports events. “My passion for sports, baseball and interest as a Public Address Announcer started when I was 8 years old. My Dad always took my brothers and I to the Padres games and I loved the effect that the stadium announcer had on the fans. It was the voice that elevated the atmosphere and the experience of the fans. And, the response and excitement from the fans was always a positive one.”

Formerly known as ‘The Mic Guy’, Steve Eicher Productions continues to evolve as he elevates Football, Baseball, Volleyball, and Softball experiences at High School games during Varsity home games. And, creates memories and a fun experience at High School Games and Little League Baseball Games throughout the year. "Seeing parents and players light up with big smiles from lively announcements and music that fills the stadium and parks with energy is the best feeling in the world. You know you have changed their lives and have given them hope to fulfill their dreams."

Steve Eicher Productions public address high school and collegiate sports announcer
Steve Eicher Productions public address sports announcer, dj and voice talent host

Today, Eicher is grateful for the opportunities that allow him to live out the legacy that Mr. Vlassis offered his students 30 years ago. The Mic Guy believes on passing on the culture of integrity, commitment, focus, dedication and discipline which contributes to each student and player's success. And he says parents play a critical role in support of this culture. Parents should be encouraged to work together with their teachers and coaches. By getting involved in their student’s activities, programs and sports they can remain informed and show support for their kids. Eicher said his parents were very involved with his passions and sports which built his self-esteem and taught him a lot about being a positive member of the team. “As a community, we can instill the values and character we want our kids to have to create success in their lives just like my mom and dad did for me. Let’s continue the legacy and make High School and Youth Sports the best they can be. Together, we show that as a community of families we can have a huge impact on our children's futures."